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Kaweco Classic Skyline Black Fountain Pen- Medium


NIB: Medium
INK: Blue
REFILLING MECHANISM: Standard international ink cartridges, such as those made by J. Herbin or Kaweco.
LENGTH: 10.5cm
MATERIALS: Aluminum, stainless steel nib with iridium tip
SOURCE: Made in Germany

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The Kaweco Classic Skyline Fountain Pen has been designed with the modern user in mind, making it one of the most portable and easy-to-use writing instruments around.

Like all of their products, this pen is built using high-quality materials to ensure that it lasts for years to come. This Kaweco Classic Skyline Black Fountain Pen features a durable plastic body that makes it easy to carry around.

The pen comes with a German-made nib that offers a smooth flow of ink while you write, eliminating any problems that could arise from a faulty nib.

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