8 Reasons To Switch To a Fountain Pen

8 Reasons To Switch To a Fountain Pen

When it comes to deciding on the right pen for you, it’s extremely important that you make the right choice. In this article, we will highlight 8 separate reasons to switch from a ballpoint pen to a fountain pen.

Now, that’s precisely why you should switch to a fountain pen if you haven’t already. To help make this decision clearer we have put together a list of the most common advantages of writing with a fountain pen.

Afterwards, we’ve also listed some disadvantages that come along with ballpoint pens.

Advantages of Fountain Pens

Less tension in your hand

First and foremost, a fountain pen definitely should be something to consider if you’re someone who struggles with tension in your hand regularly. Namely, you don’t need to use a lot of force to write with a fountain pen.

The ink oozes out of the pen almost effortlessly without having to put a lot of pressure on the fountain pen tip. Consequently, a fountain pen feels rather light in your hand, which is something to strive for, for sure!

So, if you need to write a lot for a living for example, please keep in mind that a fountain pen positively is the best option in this aspect. Not only will you find that your hand will cramp less easily, but you’ll also notice that you will put less strain on your wrists this way!

The writing experience

Whichever way you choose to look at it, writing with a fountain pen has something authentic and creative about it. A fountain pen is not only useful for your physical health as mentioned above, but there are certain emotional and cognitive benefits involved as well. As a result, a fountain pen is a great source of inspiration and will really get those creative juices flowing.

So, whether you need to write someone a heart-felt letter or you need to submit an essay, the fountain pen can help in all departments!

Design diversity

Another reason why you should positively switch to fountain pens is the diversity that’s associated with this type of pen. Basically, fountain pens come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s truly a fountain pen out there for everyone. It’s all just a matter of deciding which kind of fountain pen is most suitable for you.

For example, there are many different nib sizes and types that you can choose from. This can range from extremely small nib sizes that will allow you to write very elegantly and finely to special custom-designed nib types to help you with other particular writing styles. Nonetheless, it’s important to do your research beforehand to know what exact type of tip you need to fit your personal style!

Endless Ink Colors

Moreover, there are countless ink colors you can choose from as well. Of course, there’s the regular black that’s essential for any kind of writer, but it absolutely doesn’t have to end there. No, the ink colors range from blue and turquoise to more experimental colors such as red and gold. Therefore, there are a lot of ink colors available, so you can just choose the colors that match your preference the most!

Fountain pen’s color range allow for drawing and calligraphy as well as writing. And by using a converter you can use a single pen with endless colors and types of ink.

Higher quality

Admittedly, if you want to write with a fountain pen, this will require somewhat of an investment cost-wise. That is, a fountain pen generally costs more than a ballpoint pen. That’s because you’ll need to frequently stock up on ink, but also because the fountain pen itself is just more expensive.

However, in return for your investment, you’ll really get quality in return. Most fountain pens are made from durable materials and that’s precisely why you can write for many years with the same fountain pen.

Hence, a fountain pen is very durable! Even more so, you’ll probably feel like you need to take extra special care of your fountain pen because of the higher purchasing price, which definitely is an added plus!

It helps improve your handwriting

Last, but certainly not least, writing with a fountain pen will help with improving your handwriting. Namely, research has shown that people generally like to take their time when writing with a fountain pen. As a result, they will write more attentively and calmly, which is really required if you want to maintain elegant handwriting. Also, a fountain pen is easier to guide, so you’ll have more control when you’re writing!

This particular advantage really shouldn’t be underestimated, seeing as writing with a poor quality writing utensil can really mess up your handwriting.

Even more so, bad handwriting is a problem that’s very hard to fix, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Disadvantages of Ballpoint Pens

Not environment-friendly

One of the biggest disadvantages associated with using ballpoint pens is that they’re not very environment-friendly, to say the least. To be less abstract, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has concluded that about 1.6 billion ballpoint pens are thrown in the garbage each year. The EPA is the federal agency in the United States that’s responsible for the protection of the environment, among other things, so these numbers can be trusted!

Additionally, people often get rid of ballpoint pens before the ink has even fully run out. Not to mention the number of ballpoint pens that are just lying around people’s houses, just because people forget that they even exist. This all makes for a relatively big waste that’s very detrimental to the environment due to the polluting, artificial materials a ballpoint pen is made of.

Higher chances of making a mess

Furthermore, another problem associated with ballpoint pens that you don’t have with fountain pens is there is a higher chance of making a mess. To be more concrete, when you put a ballpoint pen in your pocket, for example, it’s a likely scenario that the pen will leak ink, resulting in a big, angry stain on your clothes.

Of course, with fountain pens, you’ll also be at risk sometimes that the pen will leak. However, there are certain mechanisms involved with fountain pens that are specifically designed to avoid the above-mentioned situation. For example, most fountain pens come with a fitting cap that will make it much harder to get ink stains on your clothes.

Not as smooth to write with

Lastly, when talking about writing experience, a ballpoint is less smooth and effortless to write with in comparison to a fountain pain. You’ll need to put a significant amount of pressure on your ballpoint pen to get the ink on a piece of paper, making for a significantly less graceful writing experience. That’s not at all the case with fountain pens, seeing as the ink will basically flow onto your paper with this type of pen!

The Verdict

All in all, a fountain pen will provide you with an amazing price-quality ratio that you just won’t be able to achieve with a regular ballpoint pen. The comparison above clearly shows that the fountain pen comes out as the big winner so that’s really all the motivation you need to switch to fountain pens, sooner rather than later!

If you still haven’t decided, then there are some great external resources you might find useful.

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